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RampArts projects and work: April to July 2021


20 July 2021    Rosemary:   This week's project: create a painting from the photograph below (click on the photo to enlarge), thinking particularly about what we have done recently regarding colour and abstraction

Photograph for this week's project

Lots of work this week from Carol, Cynthia, Helen, Jan, John, Margie, Paul and Veronica

Cynthia Bidwell: Nemesia 2
Cynthia Bidwell: Nemesia 1
Helen Culnane: The Green Place
John Garstang: Dianthus abstracted
Carol Jackson: After Cezanne
Margie McEvoy: Abstract
Margie McEvoy: Cliff Top Sea Pinks
Paul Morel: Flowers
Jan Powell: Lily
Veronica Taylor: Life From A Caravan

13 July 2021    Rosemary:   Our last session before the summer break will be Tuesday 20th July. All being well, I hope we will meet up again on Tuesday 7th September. 

This week's project: Choose a flower picture, find some white paper and then draw lines across and down your paper. Using the colours from your flower picture create an abstract painting. Try to capture the feeling, e.g. strength/delicacy, from the colours of the flower/flowers you choose. If possible use oil pastels - press them hard intp the paper and the colours will mix into each other.

If you have any pictures you would like to put online please send to me at [email protected].  If we don't see you again until September do keep well and have a good Summer.

Pieces this week from Cynthia, Janet, John, Margie, and Paul

Cynthia Bidwell: After Chagall
John Garstang: Still Life
John Garstang: After Hundertwasser
Margie McEvoy: Landscape after Cezanne
Paul Morel: Lewis Beach
Paul Morel: Flower Abstraction
Janet Stockley: On the Sea (Hundertwasser)
Paul Morel: Still Life

29 June 2021    Rosemary:  This week's project:  Colour Anaylsis.   EITHER colour in one of the black and white pictures (see below) thinking about darks and lights 

OR copy all, or part of, the Hundertwasser paintings (see below) thinking about how his colours affect the composition and movement in each picture.

Black and white photos 1
Black and White photos 2
Black and White photos 3
Hundertwasser pictures

29 June 2021    Rosemary:  Please send any artwork pictures you have to me at [email protected]. Keep working towards the exhibition later this year.

Pieces from Chris, Cynthia, Jane, Margie, and Veronica this week

Cynthia Bidwell: Waterlilies
Chris Dickinson: Still Life
Margie McEvoy: After Modigliani
Jane Perks: Still Life
Veronica Taylor: Still Life

22 June 2021    Rosemary:  Still life set in the Hall

4 May 2021    Rosemary:  We are restarting RampArts in the  Village Hall on Tuesday 25 May. Our first session will be held outdoors so please dress for the conditions. Please also bring your own materials and easel if you have it for this first session. Full information in the email from Rosemary.

Pieces from Helen and Paul this week

Helen Culnane: New Leaves For Old
Paul Morel: All Along The Watchtower
Paul Morel: Candle In The Wind

27 Apr 2021    Rosemary:  Probably most of us will have been outside enjoying the sun. So perhaps it is time to decide what Ramparts will do next. Start the group meetings again in late May? Perhaps some outside painting/drawing? Your views would be welcome.  And also your "views" from the house/garden would also look good on the website

20 Apr 2021    Nothing this week as Rosemary has no computer - hopefully back next week!

13 Apr 2021    Rosemary:  The Cambridge Drawing Society's Exhibition is online presently as they were unable to hold it publicly. Have a look - see if you are inspired to do some artwork. If so have a shot at "Leaves". They are all coming out. See how many different greens you can mix. Go abstract!   Or it could be about something/somebody leaving!

Jane:  New term, new page. The Jan - Mar 2021 page has been archived but you can still see everything by clicking either on the link at the bottom of this page or the links from the RampArts block on the Community Page.

Pieces from Helen and Veronica this week

Helen Culnane: First Shoots Of Spring
Veronica Taylor: Beware! Man at Work