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30 Mar 2021    Rosemary:  

Pieces from Helen, Paul, Ron, and Sue this week

Helen Culnane: Allotment
Helen Culnane: Allotment 2
Ron Dickens: Red Squirrel
Paul Morel: Lamb
Paul Morel: In Need Of A Haircut
Sue Morel: Duckling

23 Mar 2021    Rosemary:  I miss seeing everyone coming into the art group - so it would be good to see a few people in the next project. We have done self portraits but let's see you in your house or garden - doing something or just sitting. Don't worry about perspective - just get it on paper! (And add a few extra people even if they can't be there!)    People! Cheerful! Confident! Pictures!

Pieces from Paul, Steve, Sylvia, Veronica and Will this week

Sylvia Beaumont: Summer
Steve Chambers: Plane Still Life
Steve Chambers: Still Life
Will Heath: Impington 1
Will Heath: Impington 2
Paul Morel: Which Way?
Veronica Taylor: Fresh is Best
Veronica Taylor: Must be Monday

16 Mar 2021    Rosemary:  Grayson's food pictures were great. If you are short of a subject - nothing like a still-life full of good things to eat - or pick out some boxes or tins from the cupboards. Yes, we have done it before but your pictures will be quite different this time!

Pieces from Maureen, Paul, Steve, Sue and Will this week

Steve Chambers: Drying The Washing
Will Heath: Walter Gropius' Masters' House
Will Heath: Monument to a Fertile Country
Maureen Miller: The Meadow
Paul Morel: Gropius memorial to the March uprising
Paul Morel: Everything Starts From A Dot
Sue Morel: After Werner Drewes
Graham Mumby: Laundry - Just Watching

08 Mar 2021    Rosemary:  How about - "Drying the Washing" (!) Just think of the shapes, colours, designs you could get in it ...! And personality!

Pieces from Paul, Rosemary, Steve and Will this week

Steve Chambers: Orca [family]
Steve Chambers: Dreams
Will Heath: Bauhaus image 1
Will Heath: Bauhaus image 2
  • RA3 Millar, R Landscape
  • RA3 Millar, R Metalpic landscape in situ
Rosemary Millar: Landscape
Rosemary Millar: Seascape
Paul Morel: Bauhaus image

01 Mar 2021    Rosemary: Grayson Perry's Art Club is good to watch. Interesting to see his choice of artworks. His first project title was Family - which you might enjoy doing.  I'm not giving you a project title this week - I want you to give me one! And send in your own example artwork!

Pieces from Chris C, Paul and Veronica this week

Steve Chambers: Brainwave

The idea that immediately came to mind on "thinking" was the electrical impulse transmitted across nerves, the "action potential" so I painted that into wet on wet to generate this image

Chris Corker: Cley Windmill
Veronica Taylor: Many Happy Returns

23 Feb 2021    Rosemary:  I love the contrast between Steve's and Chris's "Busy"!  There's a lot of thought gone into the detail of Chris's - and Paul's picture should get you "thinking"!  So have a think and see what comes out of your "visual" thoughts. Remember it's about expression - you don't need to say "but I can't draw"!  Keep busy - get creative. 

Pieces from Brenda, Chris C, Paul and Steve C this week

Steve Chambers: Busy

I was trying to generate the impression of different planes the zigzag taking the viewer into the picture over a series of opposing gradients

Chris Corker: Busy Life Once Again
Chris Corker: Robin Hood's Bay
Paul Morel: !
Brenda Ward: Collage Texture
Brenda Ward: Busy

16 Feb 2021    Rosemary:  Well, it's good to see the sun and warmer weather. Time to get "busy"! So that is this week's project title. Busy means movement - so plenty going on in the picture to take the eye from place to place. Could be abstract.

Pieces from Helen and Steve C this week

Steve Chambers: Texture
Helen Culnane: Curled Up Cosy Till Winter Is Past

9 Feb 2021    Rosemary:  The thing one misses most with online work is the texture of the picture so I thought we should have a shot at a Textual Artwork. Throw the paint about a bit!   Any subject - abstract or representational.

Alternatively, the Spring/Summer edition of the Fen Edge magazine is calling for material - the editor suggests we "think outside the box" in these unusual times. Any picture ideas!  Maureen made the front cover of the Autumn edition - could we match that!  I would normally be promoting our annual July exhibition. Let us hope that it does take place or an online one. So get painting!

Pieces from Steve C and Veronica this week

Steve Chambers: Escher Crockery

Using the Escher linocut "ripples" as an inspiration I have been trying to make the plates the ripples and the cloth the the reflection

Veronica Taylorl: Best Dinner Service
Veronica Taylor: The Village Hall

2 Feb 2021    Rosemary:   This week's project - I've posted some pictures taken in, and around, the Village Hall (those were the days!) as last week was National Village Halls Week and I thought we would use that as our theme for this week as I'm sure you have pictures, drawings or photos that would be a suitable starting point.

Pieces from Brenda, Paul, and Will this week

Village Hall
Village Hall
Village Hall
Will Heath: Long-Eared Owl

CLOSE  UP watercolour on hot pressed paper, 5” x 3.5” image

Paul Morel: Crockery

Pencil abstract and original photograph

Brenda Ward: Mother In The Pram 1901

From an old photograph

26 Jan 2021    Rosemary:   This week's project is to design your own pottery (cups, mugs, plates, a vase etc) to go into a still-life. Make a good composition from these arranged on your own-designed cloth

Pieces from Helen, Margie, Paul, Steve C, Steve F, and Veronica this week

  • RA3 Chambers, Steve Wollaton Park
  • RA3 Chambers, Steve Wollaton Park photo
Steve Chambers: Wollaton

Pencil abstract and original photograph

Helen Culnane: Sisters in Japanese Outfits

From a 1930s photograph

Steve Ferris: Rain
Margie McEvoy: Still Life
  • RA3 Morel, Paul Very Broken Road
  • RA3 Morel, Paul Broken road photo
Paul Morel: Very Broken Road

Pencil abstract and original photograph

Veronica Taylor: Pencil landscape
Veronica Taylor: Vase of Leaves

19 Jan 2021    Rosemary:   This week's project is to create an abstract picture in pencil. Set up a still life or use a photograph of anything and take from it (abstract) a good composition concentrating on shapes, lines and darks and lights. Keep shading with your pencil until you have strong tonal differences.  All parts of the picture should be interesting. Look at it from a distance and keep working on it until you are very pleased with the result!  You know you can do it!

Pieces from Linda, Paul, Sue and Steve C this week

Steve Chambers: Something Small 1
Steve Chambers: Something Small 2
Linda Heywood: Tartans Are Tricky 1
Linda Heywood: Tartans Are Tricky 2
Paul Morel: Portrait - Celeste
Sue Morel: Portrait

12 Jan 2021    Rosemary: Here are a few ideas for making pictures this week. Have a go - it's very rewarding seeing the work come in.

  • Get some flowers/leaves to be the centre piece for a still-life.Use strong primary colours and make all parts of the picture interesting
  • Find an old photograph (especially with people) and make a picture out of it. Simplify and use strong colours.
  • Trevor's challenge is create your own tartan for Burn's Night!

If you need materials go to greatart.co.uk

Pieces from Helen, Ron and Veronica this week

Helen Culnane: Christmas Bauble
Ron Dickens: Who's Out There?
Veronica Taylor: Bombarded

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