RampArts - Community Art Group

Recipe 7: An abstract subject of your choice

The aim of this exercise is to:

  • study and experiment with texture
  • create mood and feeling through colour
  • think about the difference between pattern and texture




  • poster colour
  • A3 card
  • brushes
  • plates for mixing
  • pots of water to wash brushes


You are going to experiment with texture by laying colours on top of one another. Dab the colour on with  your brush or anything else to hand (even screwed up newspaper or cloth). Remember to mix up enough paint to cover the surface once. To begin with choose a colour that appeals to you and then, after the first layer, decide on the title for your picture. The group had a whole range of titles - Spring, Granny's Apron, Flowers in Spring, Storm, In Love etc

Now build up the picture to further illustrate your title. Between you, discuss what feelings different colours invoke. Keep layering colours, three, four or five layers until you feel the picture expresses what you are trying to say. Don't forget to use thick paint and light and dark colours. Work carefully and look at your picture from a distance after each layer.


Compare work within the group. Our group were surprised at how different the pictures were. Some of these pictures were framed, photographed, printed from digital images and exhibited. They are, of course, very abstract! What do you feel about this? Discuss over coffee!

Even if you are doing representational painting, usong texture and colour to express your feelings is an important aspect of your work.